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grid interactive is an independent web consulting service that offers web design and development strategies for individuals and small businesses. These strategies include design conception and technical execution, branding identity, content development, and a structured site design process.

::  eric gould, web developer
Eric Gould has been a Seattle-based web developer for the past six years. In the late 1990s, Eric worked as a web developer for Internet consulting companies in Seattle, including immersant (formerly Bowne Internet Solutions), Aris Corporation, and fine.com INTERNATIONAL — before Aris acquired fine.com.

He has worked on many client projects for these companies, including online projects for Marriott Vacation Club International, Microsoft Corporation, Nasdaq, Penford Corporation, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, SurveyPlanet, Inc., and TSUTAYA online (Japan).

Before the dot-com boom and bust, Eric started learning HTML at 911 Media Arts Center through a seminar program, the first Internet class offered in Seattle. Eric later created the web site for 911's first annual Mira! Festival cine y video Latino in 1995.

Eric is also a film festival enthusiast, and has published articles about film and video for Seattle-area publications in the early 1990s, including Reflex and ArtsFocus. After these publications ceased, he created a web site as a vehicle for his writing, and has developed and produced a new web site devoted to publishing content about film and video festivals. It is called kinolina (www.kinolina.com), and requires an XML-capable browser.

He used to be active as a guest associate film curator with 911 Media Arts Center, volunteering with the Mira! Festival cine y video Latino and the Seattle Human Rights Film Festival. He would like to return to programming film and video festivals again.